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Daisy Chain Dairy, your Devon dairy doorstep delivery service of quality dairy and bakery goods!

Here at Daisy Chain Dairy, we strongly believe in the importance of supplying high quality dairy produce & encouraging people to back British farming.
By delivering dairy goods from local farms straight to your door, we are helping to reduce food miles from field to fridge and by using glass bottles helps we also reduce the amount of single use plastic used in milk production.

Our Mission is to offer a convenient, affordable service that supports British traditions & results in fresh tasty milk on your doorstep by 7am.

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  1. 20/01/2021 - 14:20 PM

    If you've got the gardening bug you'll be pleased to know we have compost back into stock & ready to be delivered. Getting this bulky item delivered to your door couldn't make life easier. Our 60L bags of compost are completely peat free, sustainably produced from green waste and cost just £8 a bag. Past customers have told us it's some of the best they have used - this is always a popular item so don't delay in letting us know your requirements.

  2. 20/01/2021 - 14:08 PM
    Logs and Kindling

    Nets of hardwood logs and assorted kindling are now in stock and available for delivery. These logs are produced by a local lumberjack and are well seasoned for a clean efficient burn. The nets are roughly the size of a half sack of potatoes and are packed full. The logs and kindling are both priced at £6 per net. These will be delivered in a plastic bag to prevent rain penetration on your doorstep.